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Scenic 98 #Bayviewbuild is
for sale!
Go by and check out this view! Located on Scenic 98 in Point Clear,  this lot has a beautiful bay view. 

This is a 2 story, 4 bed, 4 bath. Screened in porch upstairs will let the homeowner take in the views of the bay without pesky bugs interrupting. This complete with the cool things you expect from a Stockton build. No builders grade materials here. From the Security system, smart technology and mechanical systems to the  elegant finishes, this home will be excellent. This plan can be customized if needed. 

All this for the base price of $398,500! That is right, for a BAY FRONT home! This is priced smartly with a TON of finishes, just choose the colors!

Please contact Annette Oden at JWRE Realty at 251-554-8623 or contact us at 256-443-7015!

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  1. #MidModMakeover
  2. #MidModMakeover
  3. #MidModMakeover
  4. #MidModMakeover
This master bathroom in this mid century modern was beyond lacking. It was hardly modern. It was time to finally change this area to match the rest of the house.
Now the bathroom is bright, modern and inviting. To quote the customer, "A gallon of white paint will go a long way."
More pictures of #MidModmakeover
  1. Sunset Beach
  2. Sunset Beach
  3. Sunset Beach
  4. Sunset Beach
This cabin turned out beautiful! This is one amazing piece of architecture. From interlocking roofs to 12'ceilings in the 3 bay boat storage. The living area has cantilevered accents and the heavy timbers outside are carried through the dining room. Cypress shiplap adorns the walls. Even the bathrooms and laundry are a work of interior design art. 
More pictures of Sunset Beach
  1. Title 1
  2. Title 2
  3. Title 3
  4. Title 4
This has been a very creative build! This home was built in 1949 and the attic sat untouched for nearly 70 years.
The homeowners needed more room, but was dissatisfied with the current new homes to choose from. They also loved their current location.
Our team added 2 bedrooms, media room, study area, full bath and a grand set of stairs. The Master bath was completely made over, along with a kitchen wall expansion, a laundry center, a powder room and several new storage closets. This added over 1200 sf to the home. 
#upperroom pictures

Alabama Remodeling Excellence Awards Runner-Up
#savethechimney job

No'ala Magazine - Summer spread

Our clients are proud of the work we accompish for them. So proud that one entered their project into No'ala Magazine for a Summer Renovation article. The magazine was impressed and covered the project with a big write-up.  We took the house from "Brady Bunch" to Midcentury Modern with a Minimalistic feel. 

Photography shown is by: Victoria Pewitt Photography

Do your Research

Building for the first time? Not quite sure what information to listen to? Have you met with several "builders" are telling you things to shave off the price or that you do not need? Check out this Infographic on some of the facts and the risks ahead of these decisions. 

Educate me on building!
  1. Lauderdale Beach Lakehome
  2. Lauderdale Beach Lakehome
  3. Lauderdale Beach Lakehome
  4. Lauderdale Beach Lakehome
#Lauderdale Beach 
This was an orchestrated blast! 3 additions coming onto the sides of this home on a very tight jobsite. 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, a kitchen with sunroom extension, a covered veranda and even a lake toy storage garage. 
​Cable rail goes around the deck, making the 180 degree view of the lake on this point unobstructed. 

#bonsai studio


This was site at the top of a steep curving driveway. Numerous trucks of concrete cautiously had to back up to this site for our needed deliveries. This customer operated her business of teaching bonsai at this location and needed a center to do so.  This 2 story 40x40 holds double kitchens, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a secure 12x16 storm shelter with a 5yd concrete cap, a teaching center and several steel security doors.
#Creekside Cabin
  1. Title 1
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  4. Title 4
What an awesome little cabin this turned out to be! This is perched up a large hillside that overlooks where a creek feeds into the river. 

This jobsite was so tight that the waste system had to be installed before footers! The ground is one of the hardest digging locations that we have experienced yet. Such a solid foundation. 
#creekside cabin pics
  1. Title 4
  2. Title 3
  3. Title 2
  4. Title 1
This was once a large unused garage to hold clutter. We shaped this into a way for the homewoners to make added income by renting this space on AirBnB. It has a nice bedroom with movable reading sconces, a large bathroom with a walk in tile shower, and an awesome kitchen! Check out the small stove, dishwasher and fridge. It also has a powder room with a stackable washer and dryer. The perfect place for a week on the river or an extended stay for a guest. 

ElleDecor-Architectural Inspiration

We build for our customers the way they want it. However we are allowed to have a favorite too. Ours is the Modern aesthetic. Check out this amazing line-up from ElleDecor of some amazing architects and our favorite homes!
Modern Architecture

Having work done to your home? They better be Licensed! Ask for the card. 

​​Building a home without being licensed is punishable by law. In Alabama it carries a 6 month stay in jail, $5000 fine, and admin fees up to $12k. In Alabama anyone doing work over $10k is required to have a Home Builders License.  In several states if a contractor does more than even $500 in work to a property and is not licensed, the homeowner does not have to pay for the work.  Using someone else's License? Felony Charges. 
​Ask for the card. They keep it on them. Also check the licensure website. 
Make sure your builder has a current license. Click to check for it here.
Use a Licensed Builder
Watch this video as Mike explains why you should use a Licensed Home Builder. Check out the article below for more information.

 In-House Excavating

A seperate service we have to offer:
Excavating and dirtwork.

Not only can we begin work on footers and basements faster, but we offer this machine seperate than a build for small projects to help others out in our area. If you need us to come clean up a job, dig a hole, peel some brush out or spead gravel just give us a call!

Zero Energy homes 

Is it Energy Efficiency that paints your shutters? Click on either of these pictures that are links to a site that boasts a couple hundred of energy efficient plans. Pick one you like, sign contract with us to build it AND we will buy the plan for you!
Find even more plans like this!

Our inspiration pick of the quarter:

​Elle Decor is our pick of the quarter for awesome design inspiration.  This is a great source for some great pictures and articles!

Home Fire Protection

Our Founder Mike Stockton holds a Journeyman Fire Sprinkler Card.  Your new home should have a source of fire protection installed. Most homeowners do not know that this is available. 
While smoke alarms can alert you to the presence of smoke, they do nothing to put out a fire. Home fire sprinkler systems respond to heat, not smoke, and act within seconds to reduce heat, flames and smoke from a fire, giving you valuable time to get out safely.
In fact, the federal government and more than 400 local governments — not to mention the national model building code authority, the International Code Council (ICC) — have recommended that all new homes offer this life-safety system.Most major insurance carriers discount their policies if these are installed.  
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